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This illustration shows max.dimensions of extrusions manufactured byy our company. Upon request, we can consider the fabrication of profiles with other dimensions as we continuosly develop our production precesses and invest in new equipment

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Areas of application

01Frame and frame

Aluminum profiles are used to create mounting systems that allow you to install solar panels on the roof of a building or on the ground. These profiles provide a reliable and stable structure that can withstand the effects of wind, snow and other adverse weather conditions.

02Electricity distribution

Aluminum conductors are used to distribute electricity generated by solar panels. They have good electrical conductivity and a high degree of corrosion resistance, so they are an ideal choice for the transmission of electricity in a solar battery system.

03Mounting systems

Aluminum profiles are often used to create a solar cell frame. Aluminum is one of the light and durable materials that allows you to create strong, but at the same time lightweight structures to support solar panels.

04Grounding and protection

Aluminum profiles can also be used for grounding and protecting solar panels from static electricity. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and can be effectively used to create grounding systems and protective mechanisms

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