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Aluminium profiles for solar systems
Discover the possibilities of extruded aluminium profiles in solar products!
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Aluminium is an essential material for the solar industry due to its unique properties

1. Aluminium is a lightweight, yet durable material with a long life-span thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance.
2. Aluminum is a highly recyclable material, which offers a high scrap value.
3. Aluminum has high thermal conductivity, allowing it to efficiently dissipate the heat generated by solar panels.
4. Aluminum is fully compatible with numerous solar cell technologies such as silicon photovoltaic (PV) and thin-film solar cells.


Interesting numbers


tons of aluminium profiles for solar products have been produced and exported by manufacturing company Realit llc over a three-year period.


the total recycling rate of the solar products manufacturing process at manufacturing company Realit llc.


alloys are available based on your requirements (6060, 6063, 6005, 6082, 1050) in our factory.

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Areas of application

01Mounting Systems

Aluminium profiles are an essential component of solar mounting systems, providing structural support, flexibility, and durability to optimise the performance and longevity of solar energy systems. In these systems, profiles serve as the structural framework for mounting solar panels onto rooftops, ground-mounted systems, and other mounting surfaces.

02Solar Frames

Solar frames, also known as photovoltaic aluminium frames, play a crucial role in protecting solar panels, providing structural support and enhancing photovoltaic systems’ overall durability and lifespan. Most aluminium profiles for solar frames are delivered with anodised or mill-finished surfaces; fortunately, both are provided by Manufacturing company Realit LLC.

03Solar Thermal Collectors

Aluminium profiles are widely used in solar thermal collector construction to heat water or air. These profiles form the framework for mounting the collector’s absorber plates and glazing components.

04Solar Water Heating System

In solar water heating systems, aluminium profiles are used to support and mount the solar thermal collectors onto rooftops or other suitable locations. In turn, these profiles provide stability and rigidity to the collector array.

05Solar Tracking Systems

Aluminium profiles are used in solar tracking systems to support and adjust the position of solar panels throughout the day to maximise the amount of sunlight captured. These profiles form the backbone of the tracking mechanism, enabling more precise movement and alignment of the solar panels.



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