Custom profiles

Scope of application of aluminium profiles

Ladders and scaffolding

Ladders and scaffolding are widely used in construction, premises repair, finishing works, and even in everyday life. Fortunately, our company is proud to manufacture profiles for many different types of ladders and scaffolding equipment under EN755-1,2,9 using the following aluminium alloys: 6005, 6060, 6063, and 6082 in the Т6 and Т66 temper.

Window and door systems

Window and door systems have excellent heat-insulating and soundproofing properties, ensuring airtight and watertight solutions with an attractive appearance. These are essential to comply with the project’s individual requirements and architectural specifics.

Insect screens

The quality and technical characteristics of insect screens influence their resistance to environmental challenges, including precipitation, temperature drops, and exposure to direct sunlight, as well as the ability to prevent plant pollen, dust, and insects from getting into the premises. These systems can be installed on any windows, doors, and balcony glazing.

Facade systems

Architectural facades boast a wide range of applications. These profiles are often used for the construction of lightweight translucent facades, office partitions, and roof glazing applications of various complexities, such as barrel vaults and pyramids. Thus, these profiles can offer excellent soundproofing and thermal insulating properties alike.

Balconies, railings, fences

We offer a large variety of aluminium profiles for balconies and enclosure systems, characterised by a minimalist design, extreme durability, and enhanced safety. Ideal for residential and commercial environments, these can effectively surround various spaces and balconies, providing security and comfortable privacy while enhancing the aesthetics of the building without maintenance costs.

Office partitions

Office partitions are used to create a comfortable workspace, enabling the interior to be arranged according to the functional purpose of the premises. As such, our profiles for office partitions combine ease of assembly and use, an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and high-performance characteristics.

Solar systems

Aluminium has ideal properties for use in photovoltaic systems thanks to its strong yet lightweight nature, reducing the load on roofs and other surfaces.

Pergolas, awnings, and swimming pool roofing

Pergolas made from our profiles add to the style of a terrace significantly while modulating the light allowed in through the windows. Our products for swimming pools contribute to stunning modern solutions.

Winter gardens and greenhouses

Our aluminium profiles for greenhouses and winter gardens are designed to withstand even harsh weather conditions, all the while retaining their beautiful appearance for years to come.

Showcases, shelving, and outdoor advertising

Aluminium profiles manufactured by Realit are widely used in advertising structures, including advertising panels, billboards, light boxes, and signs on roofing and building facades.

LED lighting

We produce premium aluminium profiles for the lighting industry according to customer drawings under EN755-1,2,9. Profiles can be powder coated in any RAL colours and anodised as required.

Entrance mats

For many years, the entrance mats made from our profiles have proved that they can fulfil their function excellently. Indeed, dirt is trapped on the mats for enhanced cleanliness in both the entrance area and the entire building.

Equipment (refrigeration, showers)

Our premium aluminium profiles are used to make concession stands, shop counters, shop windows, and commercial refrigerating equipment. Thanks to their high-quality construction, our products should not require repair for their entire service life.